Artex initiates own foam production in Finland

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Artex operates in various business areas, primarily focusing on textile projects for public spaces, public transportation, and the automotive industry. Artex has now established a unit outside Turku, Finland, for the production of molded foam components.

Björn Samenius, CEO of Artex group, explains that this decision is based on Artex's ambition to be a comprehensive supplier throughout Scandinavia.

– The establishment in Finland, with a management and production team that has over 20 years of experience in our field of Textiles and Foam, means that we are now creating a platform for expansion both geographically and into new business areas. This benefits customers within the Artex group as we can now control and oversee the foam manufacturing process in our projects. We can respond more quickly to our customers' needs and improve delivery reliability, he says.

Mikko Poutanen, CEO of Artex Finland, believes that the new machinery and their extensive experience in foam manufacturing will lead to better and more competitive products in the market.

– The new unit in Finland, together with Artex's strong design and engineering expertise, enables a proactive response to the changing demands for foam. This will help us offer the best available solutions in the market, along with improved management and competitiveness. I look forward to the opportunity to be part of the Artex group. The platform that Artex has created for expansion in the Nordic countries and the Baltics, along with the synergies achieved through acquisitions, provides our customers with a unique opportunity to receive prompt, competent, and versatile service throughout the Nordic and Baltic regions, says Mikko Poutanen.

About Artex: Artex designs, redesigns, refurbishes, and upgrades seats and other interior components for trains, airplanes, trucks, and public spaces. With a presence in Sweden, Latvia, Finland, and now also in Denmark, Artex employs approximately 500 people.

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Artex initiates own foam production in Finland

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